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Type A Jade Jadeite 18k Gold & Diamonds Pendent

Type A Jade Jadeite 18k Gold & Diamonds Pendent

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Grade A jade pendant with excellent lustre and translucency. This jadeite has good thickness, full in shape. The quality is also excellent with very fine jade grains. 18K White gold pendant hook adorned with natural diamonds. This jade is an investment grade for seasoned collectors.

Dimensions which includes the 18k gold setting:

Width (宽): 9.0 mm

Depth (厚): 5.8 mm

Height(高):19.8 mm

Dimensions for jadeite:

Width (宽): 7.0 mm

Depth (厚): 4.0 mm

Height(高):9.0 mm

Colour: Icy white bluish
Transparency: Translucent

Remarks: Item comes with a Pendant Box and certification.

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