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Type A Jade Jadeite 18k Gold & Diamonds Pendent

Type A Jade Jadeite 18k Gold & Diamonds Pendent

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Grade A jade pendant with excellent lustre and translucency. This jadeite has good thickness, full in shape. 18K White gold pendant hook adorned with natural diamonds and 1 vivid green Type A jade. This jade is an investment grade for seasoned collectors.

Dimensions which includes the 18k gold setting:

Width (宽): 12.6 mm

Depth (厚): 6.9 mm

Height(高):18.1 mm

Dimensions for jadeite:

Width (宽): 12.5 mm

Depth (厚): 5.6 mm

Colour: Icy white bluish
Transparency: Translucent

Remarks: Item comes with a Pendant Box and certification.

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